Top 5 Questions I Get Asked As A Financial Coach

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The number one question I get is, what's Financial Coach? As a financial coach, I help you build the habits to achieve the life you are meant to live.  A financial coach is different from other financial professionals. They spend more time helping their clients understand the fundamentals of finances and helping them create a plan of action to achieve their financial goals.


There are a couple of things that you need to achieve those milestones.  First, you have to earn a decent living. Number two, you have to spend less than you make. Number three, you have to take the money that you're not spending or even before spending it and save and invest it to grow for your future. Number four, you have to protect this financial life that you're building with insurance and an estate plan so that no disaster can take it away from you. And number five, you have to find a way to give back to something that is meaningful to you and leave a legacy. 


One thing to understand is that you don’t need to make a ton of money to work with a Financial Coach. 


Question number two: How's a financial coach different from a financial advisor? Financial advisors help you build wealth and manage your portfolio but seldom provide financial education. 


Financial coaches help you save enough to start to build wealth; I consider myself an Intuitive Financial Coach. Because I also help you listen to your intuition and connect your mind and heart with your bank account so you can work in alignment towards your money goals.   I also help you through the stumbling blocks that are standing in between you and building wealth, things like debt, under-earning, overspending, and not knowing where your money is going. Financial coaches like me can be crucial in getting over those stumbling blocks. 

Do financial coaches have credentials or training? Not all coaches have credentials or need one special license, training, or certification to hang it on a wall. Although I do, I can also train you to become a Financial Coach.  Many financial coaches I know are teaching from their own experience, which could be good or bad, depending on the advice they are providing to their clients. 


How much does financial coaching cost? Well, that depends on how much coaching you need. Typically, coaches tend to charge anywhere from about $100 to about $300 an hour, but you may also be able to buy packages of time from your individual coach or get into a group program with different sorts of pricing models. 


Will help me with my financial situation?  Finance Babe is the best option to help you resolve your financial needs.  Now it is not a one-size-fits-all.  We all have different reasons and needs when it comes to our finances. We provide a ton of accountability which is extremely important for your finances, and we also offer a ton of support. We can do this through private coaching, which is highly recommended, group coaching, and membership self-taught classes.  

How should I start?  If you feel like you're not in control of your money, then my answer is let’s chat!. 


If you are ready to develop good financial habits and need to save more, spend less, pay down debt, set goals you achieve, and build some significant wealth, let’s get started now. And although the program is designed for women, I have men and couples that also had a lot of great results. So you might want to put that option on your list as well. If you've got any questions, I'm here, so send them my way.   

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