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I'm an Intuitive Financial Coach. I help women just like you and me that have BIG dreams to get back on track with their finances. It is time to take charge of our money so we can live on our OWN terms. 

My Vision and Mission are to Empower 100,000 Women to take charge of their finances so they can live the life they have always desired.

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Here is where my journey started...

I have been in the Financial Industry for over two decades, and I was hugely successful in making multiple six-figures, winning awards, increasing my net worth revenue. This allowed me to enjoy a lot of things with my friends, travel, and buy whatever I wanted. 

I was living the "life," not just because I had money, but because of the experiences that having money offered me.

But that didn't last. 

The rug was yanked out from under me in 2008 when the market collapsed. I lost my job and went from company to company, and one after another continued to fold. Not only that, but I decided to live off my savings as if nothing was going on until I had a wake-up call to reality. 

I didn't have a Plan B. I didn't have a side hustle. I didn't have any idea how to take the skills I ALREADY had and use them differently to start my own business and be responsible for my own wealth. 

The economy is cyclical. It expands, but it also contracts. This sort of downturn WILL happen again. For that reason, I decided to take charge and full responsibility for where I was and take care of my financial future. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about money and wealth, but oh boy, I was so wrong! 

I needed the FINANCIAL EDUCATION that allowed me to really achieve what FREEDOM meant to me…work only if I want to, not because I have to. 

After years of just getting by, I decided to take charge of my money, my debt, and my financial future. And today, it is my vision and mission to inspire and teach thousands about all of these concepts. 

That's why I became a Certified Life Coach and Certified Financial Educator.  And also got the necessary certifications to teach about money. 

Today I am a Financial Coach,

and I solve financial problems.

I started my coaching business back in 2008. My passion was to teach "Corporate Prisoners" how to become online entrepreneurs. And I have helps thousands of people to do just that. 

I helped from creating their brand and message to assisting them to grow an audience of people that are looking for what they have to offer. Also, I help them to choose the right platform that will harbor their entire online business.

Now, I am a multi-passionate and versatile entrepreneur. But my expertise is anything finance (AF)

I help women, couples, and entrepreneurs to become financially fit by teaching them about money. The thing is, what is the point to make all that money, if you don't spend it, save it, and grow it wisely or know how to keep it long term?

I also help families build a solid financial foundation as well as save and preserve their wealth. From starting a family or a business to families or business owners that want to make sure they are on the track of their financial goals.

Also, I own an Agency where we recruit, train, and apprentice new agents so they can open their own Agency, as well as, teaching how to create a profitable business in the Financial field online and offline.

Finally, my team and I do seminars and classes on financial education. We do believe that learning about money and finances should not be only for the wealthy but also for everybody else that wants to become financially fit. 

I believe that schools should provide financial education. I also think that teaching about money is the responsibility of the parents. But if the parents don't know about money, how can they transfer that knowledge to their kids?

I wished I would have learned the concepts I know now when I was growing up. I wanted my parents would know about the basic concepts of wealth. But there is no time for regrets, but time for making things better and the right way.  

And that is what I want for you too!

About Us...


I want you to create your own LIFE and take charge of your money and your own future. If you put all your faith in another person, a JOB, or a corporation--- or even the government---they have a plan for you, and it is not what you want to take care of you. It is your responsibility to manage your money and know-how to do it right.

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It's time for you to take back the reigns of your finances and live the life that you had dreamt about and design it in your own terms.

I want to take you through the following process; Empowering, Engaging, Earning and Expanding to help YOU do what I did--- and say goodbye forever to working long hours on somebody else's whim, while praying you aren't down-sized, laid off, or just let go--- and while all your hard work goes mostly unrecognized and completely unappreciated.

Also, how to earn more, how to save more, how to put money aside not only in case of emergency but also for your dreams and the things that are most important to you. All you need is the knowledge and training about MONEY. 

My methods could be considered unorthodox and controversial. I am not your TYPICAL Financial Advisor, and I don't want to be.  

They are only interested in taking care of the money of high net worth individuals.  

But what about the rest of the population?

 We all deserve to learn the road to Financial Freedom. 

Here the F Word takes first road: Finances, Family, Friends, Fitness, Fun, Foodie, Faith, Freedom, and other F words. You deserve to be financially abundant.

You are meant to be prosperous and financially free.

Money is never about money, but about the choices that it provides you.

You don't have to do this alone. 

You can improve your relationship with money and transform your life.


  • YOU are ready to feel empowered and get your FINANCES in place and be able to choose if you want to work in your soul-sucking job or not. 
  • YOU are ready to learn the money CONCEPTS wealthy people use that makes them savvy investors.
  • YOU are ready to grab the opportunity to design your OWN life, secure your future by doing something you wake up excited to do EVERY DAY and have the chance to do so.
  • YOU are ready to know EXACTLY how to pay fewer taxes and invest your money wisely legally.
  • YOU are ready to take CHARGE and live a fulfilling life with purpose while making an impact in the world.

So it is MY MISSION and MY VISION to empower you and give you the confidence and support that you need to achieve all of these!


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