Are You Financially Fit? Take The Assessment

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Are You Financially Fit?  Take The Assessment

One of the biggest worries here in the US is money.

USA Today reveals something alarming when it comes to debt in the US and quote:

"The average American household carries $137,063 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve's latest numbers."

"Yet the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the median household income was just $59,039 last year, suggesting that many Americans are living beyond their means."

Also, the average student loan is about $50,626.00, putting Millenials in debt right out of college.

What all of these means to us? 

This means that the cost of living is higher than our income.

What can we do to change this?

Basically, we need to get educated about money.

It is time to put our money where financial institutions put their money and not put it in the financial institutions.

We also need to change our perception when it comes to money and when it comes to debt.

We need to eliminate our limiting beliefs when it comes to money.  

We need to get educated on the concepts of money.  

Have you taken the assessment?  If you want to know where you are right now when it comes to money, make sure to take the assessment. 


To take the Are You Financially Fit? Assessment today. Just click on the link. 

Are You Financially Fit Assessment

Then review the results.

I am here to help and answer your questions.  All you need to do is ask.   

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