A Different Outlook About Debt

#abundant #creditcards #debt #forgiveness #manifest #planning Feb 22, 2018

I know you are in debt, you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed due to carrying all these debts.  You can barely get by living paycheck to paycheck. 

You are doing your best to pay your credit card debt, student loans, mortgage and car loan.  You are paying the minimum on your credit cards and they don't seem to go down.  

Today, I am giving you a different outlook when it comes to debt. I want you to be able to take care of your debt without all the negative feelings and the power that we are giving to debt. 

I am going to share three steps to start the healing and so you can attract more money into your life. 

Step One:  Forgive yourself

There are a lot of negative feelings that we carry when we are in debt.  Some of those beside stress and overwhelmed is how we feel about ourselves.  Thre is a lot of blame, guilt, and shame associated with our debt. 

So the first step to heal and attract more money into our life is to forgive yourself. 

What is done is done. Stop the blame, stop the guilt, stop the shame.  Tell that to yourself; "I forgive myself for all these debts."   The moment that you start forgiving your self, will be the moment that you will fee a huge weight lifting from your soul. 

Step Two:  Make a payment plan 

Do you even know where your money is going and to what?  Have you tried to negotiate your interest rate?  Have you created a payment plan that will help you to pay it off sooner than later?  

Make sure to get coaching on how to set a payment plan that is savvy and that will reduce the time and the money paid to your creditors. 

Another option is hiring a debt management company or if you are too far in the hole and you are experiencing a hardship, a debt settlement company or even bankruptcy might be best. 

There are pros and cons with any of these options, so make sure to get informed on them.  

Step Three: Shift Your Focus

Now that you have created a payment plan and you know the direction you are going to go.  It is time to shift your focus to money-making activities. It is time to shift to an abundant mindset.  

Basically, stop focusing on the debt.  You already took care of it. You know how much do you need to pay each month and how it is going to take you to pay it off. 

All you want to do now is to focus on abundant and attracting more money into your life. 

I want you to start looking for ways money comes to you and be grateful for it. Money might not come the way you want all the time, but if you are open, it will manifest in the craziest way.  

One thing I want to add is that once you start bringing in or manifesting more money, do not put it towards debt. Why? 

Because if you manifest 1k, 5k, 10k and then you turn around and put it into your debt, then you are going to feel broke again.  Your debt will be lower, but your bank account will be empty too.

Therefore, put money aside.  Save money, put it on investments that bring you a great rate of return, or things that make your money grow more.  

Pay yourself first before anything or anyone else.  That way you don't feel depleted again.  

If you do this, money is going to keep manifesting.  If you focus on ways to bring in more money, there's going to be a time that your savings are going to be much higher than your debt and that is when I suggest to pay them off early, but not before that.


So again, here are the steps:

  1. Forgive Yourself 
  2. Make A Plan
  3. Shift Your Focus

Do you have additional questions?  Don't hesitate to get in touch...

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