How To Avoid Overspending During The Holidays?

#budget #holidays #spending Nov 21, 2017

The Holidays are around the corner, and the temptation of commercialism and marketing, decorations and more are going to be influencing us. 

All the stores get decorated and the holiday spirit is in the air.  But that also means that everyone is in the spending mood, and therefore we need to make sure that we don't overspend.  

What we want to do is follow specific steps to avoid overspending.  The first thing that we need to understand is that the Holidays is not about spending and buying gifts. The most prominent meaning is to spend quality time with people that you love, friends and family. 

However, we understand that it is difficult to avoid seeing the newest items and latest technology coming out and influencing us to spend more.  And don't forget that is a commerce tactic to be able to keep the economy above.  

So what can we do to protect us from the influence and avoid overspending?  How to prevent the hungover in January when you realize that you cannot achieve your most important goals, due to lack of money and because your finances are out of place?

Here are seven things to consider to do:

Create a Spending Plan
Be realistic about how do you want to spend or even can afford to pay.  Set the intention to stay within your means.

Make a List Of Your VIPs
If you have a list of the people you want to gift something to, then, it will be easier to know what you want to give them.  Who do you want to show a token of love by giving them a gift? 

Make a List Next to Your VIPs
Think of each person that is on your list and what would be something that they need or would enjoy.  What thoughtful item can you get them?  What would be meaningful to them? Be specific.  This will avoid you going to the stores trying to figure out what to buy or maybe even just buying whatever is around. 

Do Your Research
I would avoid going to the mall at all costs.  The stores these days put subliminal music as well as odors that induce you to spend.  But most importantly, if you do your research, you could find the same items at a fraction of the cost. You might discover that there are better prices somewhere else than at the store.

Are You Crafty?
Are you a good cook?  Are you good with your hands?  Do you have an artistic side? Sometimes doing something for someone with your hands, might have more meaning to them than giving them a gift.  I have a girlfriend that make cookies in different shapes and give them as gifts.  I love it!  Knowing that she took the time to prepare and bake those is more meaningful to me.  

One year, I made pickle veggies, another one I made jam.  Most recently, I have made salt or sugar scrubs with different oils in it. I decorated bottles of wine and prepared them thinking about them.  What about you?  What can you do instead of buying? 

Set The Right Expectations
You want to talk to your friends and your family and set the right expectations when it comes to gifting.  The last thing you want is to make them feel obligated to buy you something. Or you feel obligated to buy something out of your spending plan. 

What about the kids?
Again, the Holidays is not just about buying things. It is more important to make a different onto others. As kids, you can infuse values by teaching them to appreciate what they get.  

For example, one thing that you can teach them is to donate an old toy for each new toy that they get to a kid in need.  Or maybe among all the toys and gift they get, to give a new toy to a kid in need. 

Remember, what we want is to impart joy to you and your loved ones and avoid a financial hangover at the beginning of the year.  

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