7 Things You Need To Do To Achieve What You Want

#financialgoals #health #love #productivity #wealth Sep 28, 2020

We all want to achieve love, health, and wealth. And sometimes we ask ourselves why things are not working the way we want them to do. We pray to God; we ask the Universe and try many different things, but we still can't get what we want. 

I was one of those who felt frustrated because I was not achieving the results I wanted, and most importantly, no matter my efforts, it felt like everything and everyone was against me.  

However, by making a few changes and putting in practice certain rituals, I experienced firsthand that it is possible to achieve things that I always wanted, and I want to share them with you. 


Here are seven things that have worked for me, and I want to share them with you.

  1. Have a clear purpose of what you want and your why. If you don't have a good enough reason, a strong desire, and purpose, it will not work. 

  2. Please write down your goals and desires every day or read them out loud daily. This is very powerful, even if you feel that it is not.

  3. Ask the right questions. It is not about "the how"; it is about "the what" you want to achieve. The how will show itself. Perhaps the only question with how you could ask is: How can I support the Universe to attract what I want into my life? 

  4. Be conscious about your thoughts, especially negative self-talk. Sometimes we are our worst enemy. What do you tell yourself daily, or at every hour, every minute of the day? 

  5. Talk to yourself out loud, affirming positive things. This will also help with step #4. You can't think negatively and talk positively at the same time.

  6. Raise your identity. If you don't like the person you are today, or where you are, then become a better version of yourself. Nothing wrong with that, right? Upgrade your identity by listening to new things, studying personal development, hiring coaches that can guide you through the development of your identity, and changing your relationships that don't serve you.  

  7. Focus on ONE task at a time to be more productive. Now, I have to confess. This one is tough for me. I don't think I am ADD, but I want to do so much that I could start multiple things at a time. But I can assure you that when I focus on one task at a time, I accomplish more and faster. This article is a pure example of it. Sitting down and writing this for you and not doing anything else has allowed me to finish it. 

I hope this gives you clarity and guidance on what you can do to achieve. Please try it for at least 30 days and share your results. 

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