3 Truth Bombs About Choices And Money

#behaviors #choices #habits #money #priorities Mar 04, 2018

A lot of times we say that we don't have any money.  In my experience with my clients, the problem is not that they don't have the money, but more of where they are spending their money.  

What are your priorities?  Where do you rather spend your money? 

If you have a job and you don't have money to invest for your future, most likely is due to poor money management.  Do you even know where is your money going?  Are you tracking your money?  Where are your priorities? 

I see a lot of people that as soon as they receive their money, instead of paying themselves first, they pay off their debt.  Others, just have no control over the money.  As soon as they get it, they spend it in fun or just going to bars and clubs or eating out all the time. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people are just living day by day, pay check to pay check and that is very concerning.  A lot of people are not living at their full potential and are not doing the things that will improve their quality of life. A

Are you investing your money in things that allow you to grow your money?  Are you investing in yourself to grow and get you out of the situation you are in right now?

It Is All About Choices

In the book The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy explain in details how the little choices that you make on daily basis, can get you closer to your goals or further from them.  He says that "choices are the root of every result. Choices can be our best friend or our worst enemy." 

Be honest with yourself  Are you really working as hard as you can to reach your goals and dreams?  Every little choice and action will make a difference. 

Some people just don't want to put the work to make more money.  Others don't want to make the sacrifices of restructuring where their money is going.   I have sat down with some of my clients, show them the system and the steps but they are just not willing to change.

I'll give you an example, I had a girlfriend with a storage unit full of stuff and furniture. She was paying over two hundred dollars a month for about two years.   She was also struggling with money.  As a friend, I wanted to help her and give the immediate solutions that will allow her to make money right away.  

Getting rid of the storage unit, sell the furniture that she wasn't unit, was just the most logical solution.  But she just didn't want to go through the work.  It took her almost another year to finally decide to get rid of it.  The furniture by then was outdated and imagine paying two hundred dollars a month for old furniture.  

Again, it is about choices.  

Your Behaviors Will Determine Your Habits

You can say that you want a lot of things or that you have a specific dream.  But your behaviors speak for themselves.  Whatever you say, and do have to be aligned.  It is human nature to look to get instant gratification. We want things now.   People expect instant results on everything.  That is a behavior that we have acquired.  Unfortunately, that also means that if we are getting far away from our most important goals too.  

Success is real and those who sacrifice instant gratification are the ones that reach it.  

Good Habits And Bad Habits

No matter your choices, and your behaviors, they create your habits.  we are creatures of habits and habits can be good or can be bad.  It takes about three weeks to create a new habit. This is why by January 15th most people have broken their goals because it is difficult and requires focus and discipline.  But if you are able to pass that twenty-one-day mark, most likely you will succeed.

In conclusion,  it is all about choices, behaviors, and habits.  If you want to change your life. If you want to have more money in your life.  If you want to manifest more money.  If you want to reach your goals and dreams...

Change your priorities, your choices, your behaviors, and habits. 

Are you ready to make better choices about money?  Make sure to schedule your free 



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