3 Tips to Attract What You Want, Especially Money

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3 Tips to Attract What You Want, Especially Money

I want to share with you a straightforward process to manifest and attract anything you want in your life, especially money. 

It is such a simple process that most times we take them for granted. But it works for me and works for a lot of people.  So I dare you to try it!

  • Ask for what you want- If you are looking to manifest more money into your life. Then ask for it.  How much money do you want?

Start with an amount that is a little stretch but at the same time something that is realistic to achieve. 

For example:  If you are making 5,000 dollars a month, you probably might want to ask for 7,000 to 10,000 dollars. 

So you can either increase a little what you want or double what you are already making.  You can use this formula for any amount of money.  (ex: $100,000 to $1,000,000)

  • Get excited about your vision!  Heck yeah!!  It is done, it is done!  Do you see it?  See the money in the bank, write the check for the amount that you want to manifest. 

Believe that is it here. 

Don't worry about the how to focus on the feeling and emotion that it has come into you. 

  • Be open and ready to receive. Your energy needs to be aligned. 

For what you want coming to fruition your energy needs to be high. 

Believe it is there for you; you deserve it!  And above all, be patient. 

The money will not come if you are not ready to receive it if you are not expecting it. 

Again, this is all about energy, be grateful as if you would have received the money already. 

  • Are you having trouble on how to attract more money? 
  • Do you wish to have more help in this area of manifestation? 
  • Do you feel that your life would improve if you could increase the amount of money you are receiving? 

Let's chat. 

Don't hesitate to set up a time to chat.  Here is my calendar:  https://financiallyfit.as.me/

Always remember; Financial Education Is The Path To Freedom

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