10 Things To Do While Staying Safe At Home

#covid19 #declutter #goals #gratitude #onlinebusiness #resolutions #safeathome #sidehustle Mar 25, 2020

I have created a list of things you can do while staying safe at home. I know that you could binge-watch your favorite TV shows. But what if you can do something even more significant and meaningful? What if what is going on is not happening to you, but it is happening for you? 

In the midst of what is going on right now, and having to stay safe at home, we have an excellent opportunity to do things that we wanted to tackle for a while. Or even to create a Plan B when things like this happen again in the future. Or maybe it has been your dream for some time to start a new venture. How do you want to come out of this experience? 

Here are 10 things that you can do that can drastically change your life for the better. 

  1. Create a Gratitude List: Be thankful you are alive; you are healthy as well as your loved ones. Can you think of ten things that you are grateful for? Write them down. 
  2. Reorganize and Declutter: Need to do Spring Cleaning? Or do you have piles of papers, bills, and mail that you need to go through? How about clothes that you are not using in your closet? This is a great time to tackle those. 
  3. Review your New Year Resolutions and yearly goals: Are you on track of your goals for 2020? Have you forgotten what they were? Take some time and review where you are at on your goals and strategize on what you need to do to readjust to get you back on track.   
  4. Catch up with friends and family: In times like this, it is a great opportunity to check on your loves ones and people that you have not seen in a while. Call them up and see how they are doing.
  5. Write that book: Do you have a book inside of you? This is a great time to start. You can write an entire book in 3 days. Perhaps you want to read that book that is on your shelf for a while, or if you don't like either, maybe listen to one.  
  6. Improve your skills: Perhaps there is a skill that needs some tune in, or there is a new skill that you want to learn. This is a great time to catch up on some online courses. What skill would you like to improve? What do you need to catch up on? 
  7. Ignite your relationship with your significant other: This is the perfect time to have romantic dinners at home. What about cooking together? What about catching up on topics and things that need to be talked about? How about taking the five love language quiz together and see what are your guys love language and know how you can fulfill your partners need? 
  8. Practice the key to health: There are three things that you need to stay healthy; eat well, exercise, and rest. What about creating a meal plan that fits your lifestyle and gets you ready to when you go back to your routine, at least you have it all planned out. 
  9. Practice the key to wealth: There are three things that you need to achieve wealth; pay yourself first, have a reasonable rate of return, minimize your taxes. Take a look at your money. Where is your money going right now? It is going on stuff, or things that matter to you? Take a look at your finances, pull out the last six or twelve months of your bank statements. How much is going to unnecessary spending? How much is going to paying yourself first or things that really matter? Do you have an emergency fund? If you save $5 a weekday, you will have $1,300 in a year; if you include the weekends, it will be $1,825. What is it going to take for you to save this money? 
  10. Start a side business: Have you wished for a while to start your own business? This is an excellent time for you to start an online business. Do you have a topic that you want to talk about or teach others? Create a plan and take action now. The online industry is a trillion-dollar industry. 

Have other things come out while reading this? What would you do during this downtime? Let me know.  

Remember, it is in your hands to do something significant and meaningful during the time that you are staying safe at home.

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