#27: The Anxiety Survival Guide with Erika Straub

Season #3

Erika is an anxiety & trauma coach, writer and speaker.

She earned a BA in Psychology and a MA in Depth Psychology, holding 500+ hours of yoga teacher training credentials and is a nationally certified personal trainer.

As a coach, Erika operates through the lens of Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing, Inner Child Healing, and Jungian Depth Psychology. Her deep knowledge in psyche and soma are the genesis for her coaching programs.

Erika specializes in nervous system regulation, repairing attachment wounds, and building shame resilience so you can feel safe in your body and relationships.

The journey from living in your head to coming home to your body is one Erika intimately knows and wants to help you embody. Her intention for you is to align with your nervous system so you can experience safety, belonging, and intimacy.

To learn more about Erika and her work visit anxiousfemale.com or follow her on IG @_anxiousfemale.

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