#26: Finology Bytes, MoneyMind Bender$ Series with Natalie Wagner Willis

Season #3

Natalie Wagner Willis fell naturally into Finology (the study of money and the human experience) through her background in Socio-Philosophy and decade of experience as a Money-Wellness Coach. She holds a strong conviction that money can and should be used to do great good, but believes that we need to evolve our relationships with money if that's going to happen.

As a Money-Wellness Coach, Natalie specialized in cash-flow and developed two original theories to explore and support our relationships with the money coming in and out of our lives: Money Breath (including meditations) & The Money Energy Cycle.

When Natalie's father, Richard Wagner, JD, CFP(R), created Finology to address our lack of awareness regarding our personal relationships with money, Natalie realized that her work was already finological in nature. She also realized that the development of Finology feels both inspiring and imparative. With this in mind, she joined the The What is Finology? Project and aims to transform the world via evolving our personal relationships with money.

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