#20: The 8 Step System To Building Real Wealth As A RE Investor with Erin Marie Helle

Season #3

Hey, I'm Erin!

After serving in the US Army for 14 years as an Engineer Officer, my first daughter was born. Not long after, I got the news that my husband and I would both be deployed in the same month, leaving our newborn baby behind. It was in the moment that I knew, even though I loved my job, that the Army was no longer going to work for me. I immediately resigned, having no solid plan for my future.

I knew that I wanted to have a successful career and show my daughters the value of hard work but I also didn’t want to be tied to the typical 9-5 being told when and where to work. I wanted control over my income AND lifestyle. So, I embarked on the journey of finding the perfect solution that would allow me to not only spend time with my girls but also build a solid, stable future for my family.

I had no income but was truly set in my ways and willing to stop at nothing to achieve my goals. With this mindset I was able to navigate the terrifying and incredibly fulfilling journey to buying my first rental property.

I fell in love with chasing the deal, negotiating and possibilities this was going to bring me. In my first year in business I purchased 19 doors and earned a six figure income. My portfolio now includes 38 doors and is valued at $3M and I am only just getting started!

The thing is, success in real estate can be achieved by anyone with the right resources and guidance. The crazy part is, you don’t need a 6 figure income to do it! What most people don’t tell you is that real estate is VERY low risk when you know what you’re doing and you follow the proper steps and procedures when buying a property.

My mission is to arm aspiring investors with the knowledge, education and actionable strategy to achieve the financial freedom and stability that real estate investing and provide and to do it with very little risk.

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