#18: The Ultimate Retirement Readiness Kit with Lynn Toomey

Season #3

Raised by a single mom, Lynn Toomey learned some early life lessons about life, love, family and finances. The best piece of advice her mother shared, “Get an education and make sure you can take care of yourself.” Lynn followed her mother’s advice and then some.

Watching her mom handle life, a career and four kids almost single-handedly is the inspiration behind her company, Her Retirement. “I don’t want women to have to go solo or simply follow their partner’s lead when it comes to finances. Instead, I want women to have financial understanding, independence and confidence.” Lynn believes the Her Retirement financial wellness platform, with it’s academic focus, technology tools and reliance on research (vs. industry biased information) will make preparing for retirement easier and living in retirement dreamier for women everywhere. Lynn truly believes that knowing more means having more. And every woman deserves this “more” than ever.

As an “almost” baby boomer herself, Lynn is a marketing and start-up expert with 30 years of success launching companies and products. Lynn holds a master’s degree from Simmons College. With a rich technology background, Lynn is melding the power of software with traditional financial advice to bring a new approach to financial wellness in retirement.

As much as Lynn loves her work, she understands the value of relationships and taking time for “play” (although her kids will tell you she’s the queen of multi-tasking…tapping away at her laptop, while also microwaving dinner, while also slightly paying attention to a conversation with her twins)! You can usually find her and her significant other dishing out advice to their six kids, hosting a gaggle of girls for a sleep over, taking in a spin or yoga class, volunteer coaching, hosting friends and family for a Patriots game or simply enjoying all that life has to off. After all, life is all about balance, being happy and preparing for a dreamy retirement.

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