These are the affirmations that Danielle uses on a daily basis.

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Danielle's Money Mantras

Danielle Amos is one of Bob Proctor's top consultants, she has earned the Gold Pin Circle of Excellence (only 7 people in the company currently hold this pin) and is on her way to diamond. She earned Inner Circle status consecutively for the last ten qualifying periods. She has been quoted by some of the team at Proctor Gallagher Institute as the "self image queen". She is known for transforming her own image to create success and shows others how to do the same to gain more confidence, become more effective at sales and leadership.

Danielle is recognized by her clients as having the perfect balance of left and right brain thinking. Her science background gives her the ability to teach the Universal Laws from a scientist's perspective, as well, she has an impressive background in spiritual training, which allows Danielle to bring an intuitive and more creative approach to the boardroom. This has been extremely effective when working with sales and executive teams. She has been responsible for increasing sales for teams, companies and departments by 300-500% and more in a relatively short period of time all by teaching them about how the mind works.