Imagine if...

you could live your dream life without worrying about money.

And you'll see your bank account growing while making an impact in the world.

 Because one thing is for sure…

All of this is possible when you become a 

Finance Babe!

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Are You Ready To Have A System To Manage Your Money And...

♥ See your bank account growing with ease...

♥ Shift your soul to an abundant mindset...

♥ Manage & grow wealth wisely…

♥ Create a spending plan & save for retirement…


It's time to get your money right, gain clarity, bravery, and confidence, and plan for a bright financial future. Get the financial education your need that will lead you to financial freedom. When we do this as women, we will have the power to change the world, because women are better with money, you just don't know it yet. Let me show you how.

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Ladies, have you ever felt this way?

When you think about your finances, you feel OVERWHELMED and LOST...

You instead rather not think about it if you could. Like you don’t know where it is going, you don’t have any idea about financial concepts, how to use money wisely, and how you’ll grow it. You feel paralyzed!!

You KNOW you need to be taking financial action but you’re NOT taking it.

Taking risks and learning are NECESSARY to building a strong financial foundation yet you’re disabled in inaction — twiddling your thumbs hoping you can bypass the discomfort and the money will just magically fall into your lap. Daydreaming at its finest!

You feel everyone else is doing BETTER financially than you.

You feel like you’ve been left out. Your besties are doing better financially. You’re running out of time and resources. It’s too late to achieve your dreams. You feel worthless.

You WONDER why you have not been able to BREAKTHROUGH even though you have been practicing the laws of manifestation.

You are declaring, “The money I spend will always be replaced with more.” But your belief and mindset about money are still the same as when you were just sweet sixteen. Your mind is not conditioned to unlearn, re-learn, and learn new money concepts. You are too much embracing your so-called — comfort zone.

It boggles your MIND that even though you are making money, but have nothing to show for it.

Are you making money? But nothing is happening? No savings! No emergency fund! Because something inside of you is impulsively buying things. Shopping here and there. Like, “Oh, I deserve this handbag,” “I need new shoes,” “I like this necklace, I’ll get it.” Then you keep telling yourself you'll achieve your financial goals when in reality, you're thinking, "There will never be enough moolah for me!"

You GRIND all day and all night to try to reach the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

You believe that rich people work extremely hard and that only those who work tirelessly can achieve financial success. Making a lot of money entails compromising your sanity, health, fun, leisure, and relationships. You feel you will never be rich. 

You feel GUILTY for wanting more.

You are experiencing — wealth guilt, which hinders you from exploring new sources of income. You've been taught that more money equals greed, selfishness, and unworthiness. You are ashamed of your desire for more incredible financial wealth. You are pure and lighthearted. You can't be associated with something "dirty" like money. But at the same time, you know that having more will allow you to do more.  This is all so confusing.

You feel the urge to silently cry in the shower because of financial challenges.

You are working your butt off but still not getting ahead. You can't seem to see a way out.


What if you could…

✓ be in total control of your financial situation?

learn to live your purpose and manage your money with ease?

start believing in your capacity to make sound financial choices?

✓ identify your mental roadblocks?

finally, have a hand over your debt situation?

✓ always have options and start believing you deserve to build the career you love with confidence?

✓ find out that the only thing holding you back from making changes are your fears and lack of financial knowledge? 

Hello there Finance Babe!

Now is the time to…






Finance the Life You Desire

We all have a unique, emotional money story: our upbringing influences our daily decisions.

We hold ourselves back when we don't understand our financial and professional decisions…

Our financial potential is limited in a world where we need all hands on deck to close the gender wealth and leadership gaps.

To create the life you love, you need to let go of your old story and build a positive connection with money regardless of what others might think or say.  Because you, my darling, you can do great things. 

☑ You can build a business or invest and fund one.

☑ You can give back to the community and the world through philanthropy work. 

☑ You can change legislation and governmental rules. 

☑ You can create generational wealth and leave a legacy.

☑ You can eliminate hunger and poverty by teaching others what you'll learn here. 

☑ You can change your financial future and the ones that surround you by providing more opportunities. 

Isn't that awesome? 

I have good news for you…





Your desires and dreams are achievable and intended for you. 

Yes, wealth is part of it. Being wealthy is, in fact, your natural birthright. 

The universe is created to support your wellbeing, and one way it achieves this is by orchestrating circumstances that alleviate financial worries. 

Why? You have more important goals to achieve! Even so, you and I both know there are much more pressing matters to worry about than money.

And look at you! You have accomplished so many things, it is time to accomplish bigger and even more. 

Are you ready? 

This is it... 

I have good news for you...

 Envision strengthening your financial status.

 Having a fresh take on money.

 Getting money quickly and effectively.

 Getting ready to embark on your dream trip.

 Everywhere you travel, you'll be flying first class.

Every month, you start saving. 

 You gladly pay all of your bills and debts.

 Buy a brand new car with cash. 

 Confidently open your bills.

  Take that two weeks getaway vacation.

 Loves to talk about money.

 You easily attract and manifest money.

 You become an investment expert.

 Visualizes a brighter future for you and your family.

 You are growing your daily and monthly revenue.

 You are fulfilling all your dreams.

 You are leaving a legacy to your children.

  Start and grow your own company.

It's time for you to have an impact, freedom, life, and success of your dreams.

I know there might be many questions and confusion when starting a new relationship with money or producing more money. Without a STRATEGY, it's easy to make crucial mistakes, lose focus, and slip back into a feast or famine mentality. It's hard to move closer to the life we both want without guidance and support. 

Therefore, I have created a course to help you get real, get back on track, and achieve more than you ever thought possible!


Finance Babe Academy

It is NOT another online money mindset course you see and hear.  It is a comprehensive step-by-step method to overcoming money barriers, transforming your relationship with money, getting more money, getting out of debt, and leveling up your life in every way imaginable. 

This course will teach you:


>> How to learn and understand financial concepts that you never thought possible. 

>> How to manifest more wealth and attract it into your life.

>> How to shift to an abundant mindset.

>> How to get rid of debt and stop worrying about it constantly.

>> How to make financial decisions confidently.

>> How to make an enjoyable spending plan.

>> How to manage and save for your future self.

>> How to set and attain all of your financial objectives. 

The best thing about this

is that you can use these techniques right away and implement the concepts throughout your life.

Are you ready to be in the driver's seat of your money and finances? 

Ssshhhhh! Before that, there are things you need to know about money — SHERLOCK MOMENTS.

Money is a reflection of your thought system and your energy connection.

Everything you ever believed about money—

Is what materialized in your life today.


Our money is ours to make and receive when we grasp how it works and connects to the holy grail.

That's why Finance Babe Academy isn't simply some puff course about money mindset hacks...

It is a Revolutionary Approach!

A MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT — holistic makeover so you can fully recreate your old self (the money repelling version into a hyper-attractive version) and operate from your actual, authentic rich self.

 Be the Finance Babe you were destined to be.


You can be omeone rich in connections, joy, energy, finances, influence, and most importantly, embracing their most genuine self.


After completing this course:   

✓ You should feel confident in your ability to manage your finances.

✓ You should have a better relationship with money.

✓ You should know your Financial Freedom Number and what will this mean for you.

✓ You should have a clear plan to pay off your bad debt.

✓ You should have a grasp of basic investment and financial literacy.

✓ You should be confident in your ability to discuss money with people.

✓ You should have established a freedom fun fund.

✓ You should have a more solid financial foundation.

✓ You should be free to spend your money on what matters most to you.

✓ You should feel more posivite  about your financial future. 

✓ You should be able to put yourself in a position of more financial security and build a legacy. 

Here is what you'll learn...


MODULE 1 Restart

Making Decisions Without Judgement

This Module will be the getting to know yourself stage. It will help foster accountability better.  

✓ Creating Your Finance Babe Identity 

 Setting Your Personal Goals

 Committing to Succeed Money Declaration

 Getting Acquainted With Financial Concepts

 Un-learning The Myths and Re-learn The Truths

kajabi template
kajabi template

MODULE 2 Reality

Getting A Clear Picture Of Your Finances

This Module will bring our finances to the light. We'll assess our current position and plan from a 10,000-foot view before we go down to a 1,000-foot view during the course. Let there be light!

Getting Clear Of Your Current Financial Temperature. 

✔ Taking a Look At Your Income and Expenses

✔ Taking a Look At Your Debt

✔ Understanding Your Net Worth

MODULE 3 Reorganize

Changing Your Perspective About Debt

In this Module, we will gain clarity of why do we have debt, is there a good and bad debt? We are also making a plan so you once and for all get rid of it. 

Why We Have Debt

How to Get Rid of Debt

How Debt Impacts Your Credit 

Creating A Plan To Getting Rid Of Your Debt

Bad Spending Habits That Keep Us In Debt  

kajabi template
kajabi template

MODULE 4 Reorganize

"All that clutter used to be Money!"

In this Module, we tidy and organize our life, finances, environment, and connections. This is the Art of Decluttering one’s life holistically.

Why is this step so important and necessary? 

Clearing Your Home From Crap (Toss, Sell, Donate)

Clearing Your Relationships

Clearing Your Mind From The Past


MODULE 5 Repair

Your Desirable New Story and Vision

In this Module, we can finally write your new money story and live with it.

Rewriting Your Money Story

Repairing Your Relationship With Money

Learning Other Ways That Free Money Come To You

Shift your mindset to shift your money 

Manifestation Tools


kajabi template
kajabi template

MODULE 6 Reset

New Alluring Habits and Behaviors

In this Module, we'll learn about our money habits and behaviors, so we may change them and free up more time in our life.

Creating a Spending Plan

Writing Goals and Reverse Engineering Them

The Joy of Saving & Investing

Pay Yourself First


Track Your Money & Get Excited

MODULE 7 Renew

Be Attractive and Hot to Money

In this Module, we will discover the secret to becoming a magnet to wealth.

Testing Your Mindset

How Can You Make More Money?

Focusing on Money-Making Activities

Making Money & Keeping It

kajabi template
kajabi template

MODULE 8 Regrowth

Building Sexy Assets To Reach Financial Independence

In this Module, we will understand the importance of sexy assets and how to create them

Types of Sexy Assets

Managing Your Future Finances

Saving Short Term

Saving Long Term

FFN What Is This?


We want you to see cash FLOWING into your bank account and LIVE a new reality full of luxury, whatever that means to you. We want you to be able to help your friends and family and still have money left at the end of each month.

 So, we'll go above and above for you because let's face it, YOU deserve it. 

You only need to act now!

Enroll in Finance Babe Academy & Get 6 Exclusive Sexy Bonuses! 
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Lifetime Access ($1997 Value)

You will have lifetime access to the course including any future updates 

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We will meet once a week for support and answer any questions

Exclusive Pay In Full Bonus ($1497 Value)

Pay in full and get 3 Private Coaching Calls To Determine Your Financial Freedom Number

Exclusive Live Workshop Ticket ($2,500 Value)

Half-Day Finance Babe Inner Circle

Certificate of Completion (Priceless)

I will be your biggest cheerleader to help you complete the course

What can I expect from this course?

This course is a no-nonsense, non-judgmental way to learn about money management.

You'll find inspiring stories.

Here you'll find tools to help you overcome self-imposed and restrictive beliefs.

You'll embrace new beliefs that will help you cope and advance in life.

You'll have a sensible, fun approach to help you improve your situation.

A speedier way to your goals. A clear and direct path to your aspirations.

The secret to attracting more abundance and prosperity.

 Can you guarantee results?

I'm sure you'll see results if you practice this method. However, the outcomes will vary. My lawyer advised me to include the disclaimer below as a precaution.



"I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials may not be typical for all students."

Do You Have A Refund Policy? 

Yes, but first you have to do the work.

If you submit your homework and still feel you haven't gotten any value or won't get any benefits, I believe you choose not to have one.

In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you.

I’m Sara Chevere, an Intuitive Financial Coach.

“I help Women just like you and me that have BIG dreams to get back on track with their finances. It is time to take charge of our money so we can live on our OWN terms.”

I discovered how to transform my own money story and build wealth, and I've assisted hundreds of women in doing the same.

And today, just like the students who have already gone through this with me, I'm passionate about helping you transform your life, your financial account, and building your sexy assets.

Is it a universal truth that having more money makes everything better? Clearly, no

However, freedom, living your dreams, having a great impact on the world, and being acknowledged as an industry leader all need money management, and you will not attain these goals until your finances are in order and you overcome your financial concerns and phobias.

Money problems are often merely signs of a deeper inner issue that has to be addressed. I'm here to help you get from point A to point B to clarify your short and long-term financial goals that will transform your life.

I’m here to pay it forward so that you can have the same opportunity as me and become a Finance Babe.

And this is about taking the first steps toward creating the life you've always desired!

So Are You…

A driven woman looking to get ahead and make more money.

A woman looking to earn more than her 9-5 salary.

An established professional woman aiming to hit your next big financial goal.

A woman who believes that she deserves more with her life.

Someone who wants to attract more money in her life, but is not sure how.

A woman who believes she is capable of greatness but lack luck or need a break.

Someone who still hasn’t build her emergency fund or is minimal.

A woman whose income is mostly spent on expenses, leaving little or no room for savings and retirement.

Someone who is heavily in debt and has no plans to pay it off.

A woman interested to understand concepts like 401k, IRA, Roth IRA, or other investments.

Someone ready to become financially literate.

A woman ready to feel empowered by being in control of the present and future financial situation.



Don't let fear hold you back.

I know how loud the voice in your head can be when you're pushing forward with your ambitions I’ve been there myself (starting from scratch). There's no reason not to take this course, I've tried them all, and women like you took this course. You better focus on your dreams, instead of being lost and just pondering.


There’s no way I can afford it.

If you feel driven to pursue this program, you will be able to make or borrow the necessary funds. Money is always there for our desires. Perhaps this means getting a new client or upping your rates. Allow money to guide you in this situation, and trust that it is already yours — SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED.

I don’t have time for more learning.

Time and money come hand in hand. Many believe there is "never enough". This training will help you change your thinking. This is a self-paced course. You can do it whenever, wherever, and however long you want. Even the busiest mom, mompreneur, or career woman can do it.

I have no troubles or tales with money.

Our money perspective is shaped in childhood by our parents or community. A large number of my clients come into this practice believing they have nothing more to shift. But they realized the exact opposite, and you will too!

I have a successful career (I have a rich bank account)

Wonderful! But there's always greater success to achieve — next level! And even if you have or you haven’t, there's always more to learn about the right money mindset. Work never ends as triumph never ends! As a result, you will be able to achieve even more success and personal improvement.

There's no excuse not to act now. 

I believe that a teacher shows up when the learner is ready. 

You deserve a happy life and a healthy bank account. 

So let's go get it!



Check out the frequently asked questions about Finance Babe Academy to figure out the best decision for you and your goals!

This is your only life…


This is your one and only life... We're talking about your life. This is the story of your family's life. Please, quit tinkering, experimenting, or promising to make a change next year. This course is sure to transform your financial life. This course is aimed to show you another path.


I know what works because I've been where you are. Most of my clients have money issues - huge debt, afraid of sales, budgeting problems, money stress.

But you know? You can overcome any of them.

Because you have the power to choose!

Tick Tock!

Choose not to be a Negative Nelly. This is YOUR time!

Finances are for women too. If you fail to join in this course you will certainly be stuck on the carousel of never having enough money, struggling though you know you’re capable of so much more, you’ll stay in a rollercoaster ride of financial challenges.

Lastly, you’ll have less impact on the world and the lives of your loved ones. *Deep sigh*

 Real talk!

Ditch the guessing game and join the money game; it is more fun!

Never miss this opportunity to learn better ways; your life will be completely different, you'll thank yourself for investing in this transformation. 

Otherwise, you'll never achieve your optimum potential, and we absolutely wouldn't want that to happen!


Do you wanna stay where you are? We both don’t want that. 

Now is the perfect time to prove to the world what a FINANCE BABE can do.

Join me and hundreds of other awesome women in their journey on 


All of these have a VALUE of $7688

Finance Babe Academy is currently CLOSED! 

Make sure to get on the waiting list for the next cohort in 2022. See you at FBA soon! 

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